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Let's See What is our imagination.
As Clixsense Team Plan work on how to Earn a simply and very basic strategy. In fact there are no limitation- but lets give the number 5 to do a work with  simply equation to earn  a solid income month for monht  and  year after years . Just 5 direct referrals  or 5x5 up to 8th  level per member. Once you will have your 5 direct referrals, you will still eligible to get more referrals under 2nd level to 8th level. You will have 488280 Total number of referrals under your account. Its  unbelievable  am right? but- believe me. Its completely attainable if you have GUTS and justONE WORD-( DETERMINATION ) Bingo! A whooping $ 488,285.00 per year.
Whether you like it or not. You are in  right place to earn money  . One who believe my word, will have 488280 referrals for sure, One who do not, will have nothing.
If you earn from clixsense, you will definitely upgrade your account and so your referrals too. You will get paid upgrade commission of $1 from each referrals every year.
Now just imagine, you can earn $488,285.00 every year with the help of Clixsense Team Plan.
Karat Of Your Gold Is Diamond

Your CashAdStream Structure

CashAdStream is a 3x8 Forced Matrix. A 3x8 Forced Matrix is exactly what it sounds like. Imagine 3 people underneath you and then 9 people underneath them and so forth for all 8 levels. That is where you get the 3x8 matrix. You can refer a maximum number of 3 people directly below you. Any future referrals will automatically be placed below one of the 3 members you referred, forcing the matrix to fill up, up to 8 levels. This is called spillover. ,., spillover is not guaranteed. We strongly recommend each member to invite at least and consider spillover as a lucky bonus. Members fall into the matrix only after the payment. Invite new members using your 
You can see your matrix stats in a real time in.
To give you an idea - a 3x8 forced matrix looks like the one below: 

while the illustration above only shows up to 2 levels down, a 3x8 forced matrix will extend up to 8 levels down info .http://goo.gl/WX6UpU

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